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Smart Drafting:Automatically combine lines and shapes from existing drawings, by simply choosing which drawing to base the new drawing on. (video: 1:45 min.)Drafting Enhancements:Revise and enhance an existing design quickly and easily. Select an existing polyline or text, and add new dimensions, attributes, and text. (video: 1:45 min.)Vector Editing:Edit all geometric data using vector geometry, including moving, rotating, cutting, and editing with shapes and lines. (video: 1:45 min.)Miscellaneous:Have a success story? Let us know by sending a blog post directly to our blog.Buy AutoCAD now.Part of the new AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT features, as well as the new 2019 releases of AutoCAD LT and Revit, is that all Autodesk products are now based on a new 64-bit engine. The new engine in AutoCAD 2023 provides an easier, faster, and safer platform to work with, and will work on the latest hardware and software platforms, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, macOS, Linux, and iOS.Below are some of the new features and improvements included in AutoCAD 2023.This is a partial list of the new features and improvements in AutoCAD 2023. There is much more to read about in the release notes and Autodesk Knowledge Base article.The complete list of new features and improvements is located at:AutoCAD 2023 Release NotesAutoCAD LT 2023 Release NotesAutoCAD LT 2023 FeaturesMarkup and EditingPaper 2DAppend VectorsImport PDFImport DWGImport DXFExport DWGMarkup: Added the ability to import paper drawings to a drawing. This feature is activated using the Draw/Edit/Markup command on the Draw menu.Append VectorsAppend Vectors is a new feature that makes it possible to append the design of one drawing to another. Append Vectors is activated using the Draw/Edit/Append Vectors command on the Draw menu.Improved Context Menu:The contextual menu (right-click) of a selection (shape or polyline) now displays 2be273e24d

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