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The Poop Scoop

It’s more than an act of common courtesy. Picking up your dog’s poop can help the environment by keeping our air, water, and earth free of dangerous toxins.

It’s TOXIC! The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies dog waste in the same category as oil spills. That means that the EPA considers it a toxic pollutant.

Dog poop spreads all kinds of germs! The EPA states that pet waste carries viruses, bacteria, and parasites that can threaten the health of humans and wildlife. (Plus, ew!!!)

In the United States, dogs ALONE create more than 10 million tons of waste each year. (Yes, 10 MILLION TONS!)

If you don’t scoop your dog’s poop it can mix in with storm water runoff, into storm drains, or nearby bodies of water… which means you could, in theory, eventually drink your dog’s waste. (Gross!) The EPA says animal feces often ends up in lakes and streams and causes significant water pollution! This definitely makes water unsafe for swimming or drinking.

Studies have shown that 20-30% of the bacteria in water samples in urban watersheds come from dog waste.

In fact… if you take the waste from 100 dogs for 2-3 days, you will find enough bacteria, nitrogen and phosphorous to close 20 SQUARE MILES of water for swimming.

If you’re not grossed out enough by drinking dog waste, get ready for this! Dog feces can actually contaminate the air you breathe! In fact, a study of air samples found that 10-50% of the bacteria IN THE AIR came from dog waste.

So, in conclusion, please, please, PLEASE scoop your dog’s poop! Your neighbors and your health will thank you for it!


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