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Happy Reunion for Mama Dove and her Pups!

Yesterday Mama Dove and her pups attended their first reunion at a local dog park. There was SO MUCH floof!

Both adoptive families & foster families were there. Mama Dove (pink leash) was undoubtedly the queen of the ball. It was a spectacular day!

Dove is the Great Pyrenees that we rescued in December after her Guardian Angel found her laying in a field after being shot in the foot. Little did we know then she was heavily pregnant and delivered 8 beautiful pups between Christmas Even and Christmas Day! All the pups are in loving homes and Dove started her 10 day trial last week!

Rescue is never ending, exhausting and can take an emotional toll on volunteers. But these are the stories that help that make it all worthwhile!

Volunteers Relle and Teri enjoyed snuggles with all the pups, even though puppy breath is a thing of the past!

If you are interested in changing the life of an unwanted dog forever become a foster! Visit our website for more information at and submit the online application.


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