Bennett and his litter mates were born to a backyard dog. The puppies were going to be given to anyone who wanted one via a Facebook post. Fortunately, DSDA volunteers were able to convince the owners to surrender the mom and all the pups. Thankfully this meant putting an end to her misery and indiscriminate breeding, and finding amazing homes for all her pups!

Bennett was adopted by a lovely couple who already had a dog who needed a buddy. They just completed a recent trip with the dogs and here’s what his Mom had to say,

“Took Bennett of the Jane Austen litter with us to Colorado for a much needed vacation. In case anyone is wondering, he 100% could be a mountain dog! Sometimes he drags me up the mountain with his enthusiasm. He loves his brother, loves Justin and I, and is so happy to be with us on our adventures. And, of course, we feel the exact same about him!”

Congratulations to our little buddy Bennett on finding his furever family!

PS - Jane Austen, his beautiful mom, starts her home visit tomorrow!!








Happy reunion with Princess Leia (adopted name Dejavu) and Chewy (adopted name Alfie)!

We just had to do it!! The sweet shy pups rescued from our friends at Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center just a few months ago are growing up and have been adopted. It’s been a while since they were last together and we thought it would be a fun play date and these two did not disappoint!

It only took about 5 minutes before they were playing chase and bitey-face. After an hour they were both exhausted and ready for a good nap!

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28 dogs recovered from Montague County home

By Nicholas Davis | May 17, 2019 at 8:50 PM CDT - Updated May 17 at 10:32 PM

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Dozens of North Texas dogs are in need of homes after being left in what animal rescue officials are describing as a hoarding situation.

28 abandoned dogs were recovered, Tuesday, on a property in Sunset, near Decatur, after a renter was evicted from the home.

Many of the dogs were caged up and had not been let out or fed for at least five days. Cane Russo Rescue arrived and have been working to get the dogs to various rescues.

Some of the dogs have been sent to locations in the Dallas area while others have been sent to a shelter in Sant Jo called Easy Street.

They’re hoping to find permanent homes for the dogs.

“What I really want people to know and understand is that all of these dogs are going to need some time,” Kelly Gray, Director of Operations at Cane Russo said. “They’re super friendly, they’re super sweet, but all of them are going to need medical care. All of them are going to have to go through all of their immunizations. All of them are going to have to be spayed or neutered.”

Shelters helping to take in the dogs include Cane Russo Rescue in Dallas/Fort Worth, Dallas Street Dog Advocates in Dallas, Apollo in Dallas/Fort Worth and Easy Street Animal Shelter in St. Jo.

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