Shelby was recently rescued from the rural soccer field south of Dallas. The same soccer field we rescued the #dsdapack29 from-a notorious dumping ground for unwanted and injured dogs.

The day our Vice-President Relle picked Shelby up, reported they had seen the dog in the same spot for several days - unable to move. She was exhausted, starving and severely injured.

She willfully got in the car with assistance and slept all the way back to Richardson. It was immediately noted that Shelby was not able to weight bear on her right rear foot. X-rays revealed an old injury where several fractures were trying to mend unsuccessfully at the base of her leg where the ankle and foot meet. The only treatment option is amputation as there was no way to repair the bones. This poor girl is also heartworm positive.

Shelby is scheduled for the amputation of her right rear leg April 30th. Once she has recovered from surgery we will start heartworm treatment. Interestingly enough and to our surprise Shelby is spayed but not microchipped.

She has not let her injury and neglect bring her down. She's very sweet with her foster fur siblings and the people she meets. She is a real gem who deserves to be pain free and given a second chance at a happy life with a family who loves her.

Shelby's medical care will run well over $3,000 but she is worth every cent. If you would like to help please donate or if you know someone who would like to help please share her post.

Thank you!

Venmo: DSDARESCUE 0074

#dsdashelby #fosteringsaveslives

Levi has been frequenting the little park by his foster family's home. He usually goes with his buddy #dsdadakota, alum, for moral support. But recently he tried it on his own and did pretty well.

This blue-eyed 6 month old baby boy was attacked and almost killed by what we assume was another dog. He was brought in to Dallas Animal Services as a stray where he began his recovery both physically and emotionally. He is great with the foster family's dogs but was terrified of any others. We are working on helping him overcome that fear.

Levi takes his NO PUPPY PLEDGE soon and we are hopeful he will be able to go up for adoption soon.

#dsdalevi #fosteringsaveslives #blueeyeddogs

Please take a minute and sign this petition. We need to be sure this monster receives the maximin punishment for what he did to these helpless pups!

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On the afternoon of April 7, 2021 Dallas County citizens were jarred by an announcement from the advocate group Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission, that two Pyranese-mix puppies had been bludgeoned to death on Dowdy Ferry Road. On April 8, 2021, they released video and audio of the puppies being bludgeoned to death by Sebastian Acosta.

The citizens of Dallas county are appalled and outraged at this senseless death and the death of nearly one thousand documented dead animals, abused and discarded on Dowdy Ferry Road in Southeast Dallas County.

We demand justice for these senseless deaths.

Through citizen patrols, street and shelter rescue and the creation of the Dallas Police Department Animal Cruelty Unit, Dallas citizens have invested considerable time and tax dollars to ensure our Dallas animals are protected. Now our work rests upon your doorstep. We are asking you to take the following measures: 1. Charge Sebastian Acosta with one count felony animal cruelty for each puppy he bludgeoned to death. 2. Instruct your prosecutor to seek the maximum felony penalty of ten-years imprisonment to run consecutively, not concurrently, for each felony animal cruelty charge. 3. Impose bond stipulations and probation restrictions that require Sebastian Acosta to not be in possession of any animals, nor reside in any domicile containing an animal. 4. Instruct your prosecutor to refuse to abate or ‘bargain away’ charges or sentencing in exchange for information or a 'plea'. The citizens demand justice for animals in our county. To that end, we hold our public servants accountable for seeking justice to the full extent of the law on our behalf.


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